VIAONE assists the client with evaluating potential sites. This includes zoning and code evaluation, preliminary site plans and density studies.


VIAONE Design Build Team and the project architect work directly with the client to develop a detailed site plan, floor plan, interior design and exterior building design. Upon finalizing the preliminary design VIAONE prepares a comprehensive cost breakdown by sending this package out to the market for a preliminary bid. This process not only gives a real time market cost for the project, but also incorporates key subcontractors’ input into the design. Once this bid is complete, VIAONE prepares a client Proposal that includes a detailed specification guideline for the project based on the preliminary bid. 


VIAONE works to isolate any unknowns on its projects during the preliminary design / proposal process. VIAONE controls the scope to ensure the design intent and budget remain as originally proposed. Following the project kick off, VIAONE coordinates a meeting with the project architect and all project engineers to review and isolate any potential project challenges. This meeting is followed by several “Owner” meetings where VIAONE and a specific engineer (mechanical, electrical, etc.) meet with the client about the engineer’s specific scope to ensure all of the client’s needs are met. What comes from this work is a set of construction drawings that are directly in line with the initial scope and budget. VIAONE provides budget updates at 25% and 75% of the way to completion of the construction drawings. Upon city log in, VIAONE then performs a hard bid with at least (5) very qualified subcontractors bidding per trade.


VIAONE coordinates the city approval process with all design team members including the architect, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, structural engineer and landscape designer. This includes coordination through design review, management of construction drawings, details and permit requirements.


Once VIAONE receives permit approval, its construction team coordinates all aspects of the build. This includes all interior and exterior construction. Prior to start, VIAONE's project manager will develop a detailed day-to-day schedule. While under construction, VIAONE also updates the client weekly on the project status to ensure the client that the project is on schedule and informs the client of current and future site activity.

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